Elite Massage

Elite Massage

1 h 30 min | 1800 uah

Elite Massage begins with a lady helping you to take shower. Using her body to caress you, she will play with you with a foam massage.

You will certainly enjoy this procedure. Gliding of the two hot bodies through the velvet fragrant foam, the felicity of the touch of youth, beauty and passion and at the end you have received light sweet inebriation that will relax your body and prepare you for the next step.

The next step will be of a good professional full body massage from head to toe, in which the stroking, rubbing and kneading each muscle group is included. Then you get a unique opportunity to experience the elements of body massage with stones. You will feel the rush of vitality, body and soul energy, after this massage.

An exciting dive into the world of erotic massage is awaiting you after that. Hot intimacy with thrilling touch, erotic fantasies and romantic atmosphere reigning in the room with relaxing music. You are on your back, and the lady puts a pillow under your head, giving you an opportunity to feel the impending felicity while watching her. She will help you to be in a comfortable position for the massage. Your legs are spreaded, slightly bent knees, and your lingam is fully opened for a massage.

The lady is sitting at your feet and her hands are warming up your leg muscles, arms, abdomen, chest. She massages your lingam and inside of the thighs, stomach by her tits and belly, as well. This will help you relax and feel the warmth and energy of a perfect gentle female body. As a fact, the massage usually fully focuses on the Lingam. Massaging Lingam by female body directly affects your sexual performance. Lingam is getting filled with blood and increases in size.

After several sessions of such massage you will feel changes in your sexual life.

Massage comes with with aroma oils of ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, pochuli, that makes the effect more substantial.



For questions, please call: +38 (067) 335-33-44

Erotic Massage - a magical world of unforgettable sensations

Welcome to the magic world of incredible enjoyment!

It is like a fairy-tale and we want that you will feel it on yourself. Our vocation to give you a pleasure from professional classic massage of all body and a bliss from our erotic massage. In tender hands of our charming girls you will forget about a trouble and a fuss.

You will get another reality, the reality of beauty, peace and a harmony of the soul and body. All girls are very young, polite and beautiful. Because of this you can choose the best girl special for you. You will glad that come just to us.

We sure that even the most subtle judge of this special art, called erotic massage, will get satisfaction from his choice.

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Kiev. Center, Lane. Mikhailovsky, 20

We work at 11AM-11PM/7 (without intimacy)

Our phones:

+38 (067) 335-3344